My beautiful wife is dreadfully tired so I am going to step in briefly as a guest blogger for her 2:30pm Project Blog post while she takes a quick nap.

Cathy is a wonderfully caring person who puts herself ahead of all others needs. She is an incredible mother innately knowing the right things to do for our children. Her caring extends outside the family as she often uses her knowledge to subtly help others in need or bring about change without ever seeking acknowledgment or credit. She is well educated but not arrogant. She is beautiful but humble. She is creative and free spirited. Cathy is a model person and I am so lucky to have her for a wife!

Please help her help The Autism Society with your sponsorships if you can. Thank you to those who already have. And to those of us unable to help, our comments and positive thinking will contribute to Cathy’s success in Project Blog.

Signed, Guest Blogger—Her Husband

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