Shoes went right away and I just got rid of the jeans. Before this is done I should be blogging au natural. Nobody is actually going to read all these posts are they?  I lost my background music because Tommy was watching a very funny episode of Fairly Oddparents. File this under TMI – cotton not nylon and bikini not thong. A triangle of fabric and a string are not underwear. My preference is Victoria’s Secret cotton bikini with a matching camisole or bra. I like Doug wearing boxers.

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  1. I like wearing my thong, and Carmen likes to wear her corset, chemise and drawers.

  2. I see you mention blogs you read that have no feed. I am trying to work all that out for myself…if I had questions about it, would you be someone to ask? Do you know someone or a website that can help me understand it better?

  3. we both only wear small triangles and string – much more comfortable!
    different strokes for different folks!

  4. We watch Fairly Oddparents also. It is a funny show. Tim likes lingere catalogues better then I do, because he likes shopping.

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