Now Tommy is watching some Batman cartoon movie. I’m going to kick him off in a second. I need something that doesn’t drone me to sleep in the background. Already I’m trying to talk myself out of getting things done between posts. I should be folding clean laundry and getting Sarah packed since she leaves for camp tomorrow. Then I’m trying to talk myself out of a nap and begging Doug to take over for one hour. I would have turned into a big baby tonight eventually but last night’s escapades have sped up my self-pity.
At midnight we were still hiking around the zoo. One of the girls was so over-tired she cried for 45 minutes but her father wisely advised her to wait a bit longer before coming home and she made it through the night. From 12:30-1:30 I was holding Noah through a nosebleed and cleaning up the mess. They should have called in a HazMat crew. The girls goggled until 3 and at 4 I was considering calling Doug and crying about how tired I felt. At 5 I sat in my sleeping bag because it hurt my back too much to stay on the hard floor any longer. At 6 our zoo guides started waking the girls. The two twelve-year-olds got up blaming the zoo dust and grime as being responsible for their morning pimples. We packed up our stuff and started back out into the zoo to finish our tour. Then Noah started another nosebleed. He had completely saturated the handtowel I brought the night before so we worked our way through several packages of paper towels. My parents picked Noah up and took him to the ER because I couldn’t leave all the girls. We finished the tour. Some of the parents picked their children up, one forgot and I took all the rest home.
Soooo, I’m tired already! Sponsor my poor pitiful efforts at Project Blog. I’m going to try and get some laundry done. Th fridge is back against the wall and the icemaker now works. Too bad I don’t like ice.

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  1. He is calm and tired today but no new bleeds so far. The ER won’t call someone in and cauterize unless he has an active bleed when we get there so we’ll be heading out at the first dribble. Otherwise we’ll be at the ENT Monday morning.

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