I slept for two hours Sunday morning and then got up, packed Sarah’s stuff and headed out for a full day of stuff to do.  We came home and I collapsed in bed with a massive headache.  This morning I see the results of going to bed without doing my walkthrough of the upstairs that I like to do every night.  You know, start in one corner of the upstairs and get everything in that room put where it belongs.  Then, do the next room and so forth until everything upstirs is where it belongs.  Nothing is scrubbed but everything is put away.  The exceptions to the walkthrough rule are a humming dishwasher justifies leaving dirty dishes in the sink and clean laundry can sit in a pile on the couch or table and be ignored until morning.  Whenever Doug and I finally get the downstairs junk sorted better, I’ll add that to my walkthrough.  It makes me a happier person to get up to slight disarray than to awake to pigsty.  Sorry, that’s insulting to pigs and I think some pigs are cleaner than small children. 
   Doug is very focused on job hunting this week and is going to be angry about this, but I REALLY want to use this week and Sarah’s absence as the opportunity to make the big bedroom switch over here.  Right now both of the girls are in the small pink room with the finished closet design and Noah is in the large master bedroom which has had no work done on it (not even paint).  To justify Noah’s room decreasing in size by more than 60% we are painting old furniture to give him a “medieval” themed room.  If anyone has any good (inexpensive) ideas to help decorate his room like a castle, please let us know.
   Did you know you can still click over to Project Blog and sponsor my efforts?  Did anyone other than Tim and Doug actually read all the drivel I typoed Saturday night?  I think I’ll go back and delete a few of those entries.  I wanted to do more but I got so tired I couldn’t even focus on the keys and those tiny little two sentence entries took almost my entire 30 minutes to write. 

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  1. Ideas: paint the walls in a medieval-themed mural with castles, landscapes (will make room seem larger) knights, etc. The doors to the closet can be painted and dressed (ie: glue things that look like iron latches, etc. on) to look like gates or a drawbridge. A coatrack can be turned into a faux suit of armor, like one of those armory dummies that get whacked by swords during training. Perhaps create a “horse” of sorts using saw horses. Medieval colored fabrics (think velvet reds and royal purple) and flags can dress it up further.

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