I feel like a brainless zombie today, but it’s time for the Monday Walkabout so here are a few pitiful blog suggestions:
Aidan & Cole is my best suggestion. If you love baby pictures like I do, check out the cuties on this site. For a change of pace I visited,
The Giant Fighting Robot Report which is a comic book/movie/political blog. My third new blog is,
Zen of my Cat because I was in the mood for a good joke. My fourth addition is,
Every Topic in the Universe which would be more interesting if she allowed comments because she has some good debate fodder on there. The last one today is People who deserve a beat down which is also lacking a comment feature and thus taking much of the fun out of this gripe and rant blog. I need a nap now.

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  1. hi there Cathy… thank you for the honorable mention!!

    Hope your tuesday is better than your monday!

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