It rained all night and it is still coming down. I hope Sarah is okay at camp. Today is Tommy’s last day of summer school and he is letting us know he is not happy about the change in his schedule (he’s a grouch). I don’t expect him to do anything but sleep the remainder of the week. Noah visits the ENT today. Amy is acting like a 2-year-old today and Molly doesn’t like going potty in the rain. She prefers the nice, dry house. Amy just sat down in front of the tv to watch Dora and Molly flopped down beside her so that the two of them are cuddled against each other. Sweet. One millisecond later Molly has stolen Amy’s “bop” (pacifier) and Amy is screaming. “No, Molly! No!” Tonight I’m going to delete some of the posts from Saturday night. Don’t worry, I’ll leave the fascinating underwear conversation up. I won’t delete anything with comments.  I just don’t think anyone reads this blog anymore.  Maybe I need an anonymous livejournal.  Last week I bought 10 cent spiral notebooks and this week I need to buy 19 cent notebook paper.

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  1. Geez, Autumn’s life is full and she’s answering my whining and pouting. I’m sorry I have the “oh-poor-me’s” today. I need to get over myself already.

  2. What is to be gained by deleting them? Why do you need an anonymous livejournal?

    No one reads? Yesterday you had 78 visitors!

  3. You know we read it — like 20 times a day!! (We are a little freaky and obsessive.)

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