Doug has generously taken the two boys in for their routine check-ups.  I hope he’ll get Noah’s bloodwork explained.  Tommy was visibly scared and nervous but it came across looking like anger.  I’m afraid that I shouldn’t have warned Tommy to expect the doctor to be unhappy with Tommy’s weight gain.  Today is “boring household chores day” for me.  Dishwasher humming and now I’m going to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I’m very disappointed that I still haven’t gotten Noah’s headboard painted.  I had really wanted Sarah to come home to her new room.  Right now we’re thinking about using a textured pastel-gray paint to Noah’s bedroom walls so that it looks like stone walls.  We are considering actualy blocking it off like stone bricks but that is still being discussed.  I want to use a coordinating textured royal blue on the furniture but there has been concern expressed about the durability of such paint on areas that need frequent cleaning.

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