One more day until Sarah gets home from camp and we begin the inquisition.  If we don’t ask, Sarah won’t tell.  Tommy is still bossy and tense but seems to be better today than yesterday.  Tonight is his riding lesson/therapy so I’m hoping there won’t be any head butting with him today.  Noah fell asleep in his clothes and woke up dry (gasp).  Amy is her jolly old self right now.  Did anyone listen to her tantrum yesterday?  I’m going to go start another load of laundry despite the fact that it messes with Doug’s sensory needs.  He needs music and incense to program, not sploosh-splash-kathunk.  I am fighting back a migraine that I can feel coming.  I’m trying all my tricks, caffeine, salt, chocolate, quiet, etc.  Sleep would help but I can’t do that.

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  1. I heard the tantrum. The kids were in the room at the time and they all popped their heads up and wondered who that was, one even mentioning it sounded a little bit like erin. LOL

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