Stormy weather interfered with my plans to take everyone to a park today. Maybe we can do something fun tonight. What we really need to do is buy groceries. School starts in less than two weeks. I’m looking forward to Sarah and Noah’s new teachers and adventures but dreading Tommy’s so much I feel physically sick. This is his first year of high school but instead of exciting and promising it is depressing and frightening. Tommy will spend all his time trapped in a class with the other students they don’t know how to help. All of his classes will be on the computer. IF he shows the school he can sit for the hour and a half length of a class they MIGHT let him start attending a class or two. But that is unlikely since they already said that all the classes are now full and it doesn’t matter anyway because an hour and a half is just too long for Tommy to sit quietly. I hate what they are doing to him. He’ll never learn to get along unless he is around other children but they won’t let him around other children until he knows how to get along with others so he is trapped in a place where he’ll never get better. If we had money I would sue the school for this. If we had money I’d pay for a private school with 50 minute long classes. Instead we are stuck watching him run out of chances to be a successful part of society. It is all so unfair. Bratty, snotty children get a good education, parties and fun. Tommy tries his best and is a very sweet and loving boy most of the time and he gets no friends, no birthday parties, no education and no welcome in any extra activities or groups. The church even told him to leave. There is no justice or compassion left for anyone who is different.

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  1. Bless your heart. He is caught in something neither you nor he chose. It is so unfair for others to treat him as if he is resonsible. He is in the exact sitution as the child I know with same condition. It is like you describe him when you talk of Tommy. He is allowed into mainstream classrooms though. In Alabama they must do all they can for each special needs child. It is such a tremendous help to all my friends with children with needs, and now myself with Tyler and his speech development problem. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Fuck the Church, fuck the school, show him love, teach him what love will bring him and the rewards will come. Have faith in your ability, have faith in Tommy’s potential, strive to be better them all of it and you’ll reap the reward.

    I know its hard, no one said it would be easy, continue on, hold on to your faith, because, it is stronger than anything, anywhere.

    Good luck friend. xoxo

  3. OH I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through and Tommy too! I will keep you in my prayers! You are truly a strong person!

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