My Monday Walkabout:
No Silence Here is my first addition. Although it is primarily a local blog, I suspect he’ll be commenting on the blogosphere in general.
Wil Wheaton dot net is my second addition because I needed another celebrity blog on my list. My third new blog is,
Diddleysquat’s Drivel and Other Relevant Dicta because it’s fun to read, something to think about and the author is not pregnant (I warned you I was hunting for pre-menopausal bloggers). My fourth addition is,
CamEdwards.com, a political blog. The last one today is
Knoxville Vote, a brand new place where you can gripe about the people I may or may not vote for this November. I can promise you now that I will be voting for whoever is the biggest competition to GWB. I may not like the other candidates, but getting GWB out of office is our only hope.

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