I like the new search bar much better than the old ads and I’m going to have way too much fun with the random blog button.

This morning started with a rainburst that came from nowhere. It wasn’t even important enough to be on radar. If it had kept up I would have had to take a little nap. Rain is the best white noise!

Noah: “Mom, do you like your hair better curly or like it used to look?”
Mom: “I’m not sure yet, which do you like?”
Noah: “I like the curly cause I don’t hafta hear the hair dryer so much.”
Mom: “Umm, ok.”
Noah: “But you still like the front part hot, right? Not the cool-looking kind of hot but the ouch kind of hot.”
Mom: “Yes, I still straighten my bangs and Moms just aren’t hot are they?”
Noah: “Well, maybe to Dads but not to anyone else.”

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  1. Apparently I missed the little rainburst this morning. My son asked me, “Did it rain last night?” and I, stupidly, said, “No – not that I know of…”

    All the tell-tale signs on the ground outside was evidence I was obviously oblivious.

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