Time to clean out my purse. I am removing: two fistfuls of bristle blocks, 10 monkeys without barrel, 1 pair of Oobi eyes, 3 blow pops, a spilled bag of nutter butter bites, 1 candy necklace, several squished strawberry hersheys kisses, Nemo stickers, a dragonfly-eye viewer, 2 used wet wipes, one day’s dose of Tommy’s meds and a diaper. Now I have room for my planner and all the junk I didn’t remove (wallet, deck of cards, mints, 2 bops, pens, a pocket knife, coupons, makeup, etc.).

5 thoughts on “109283984167784796

  1. you can’t clean that stuff out! what if you need a squished strawberry kiss? or a pair of Oobi eyes? what will your kids do for lunch now?

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