Doug and I try to always have the little people tucked in so that we can relax and watch Monk together. Doug lets me tease him about his neurotic similarities to Monk and we enjoy our time together. Monk is a very funny show that carefully allows viewers to laugh without being cruel about a man with a haunted past. They have only recently answered the question “why isn’t he on meds” but the show is still more about Adrian than it is about the mysteries. The last two episodes of the season they did something that actually made me cry. His wife has gone from being a memory to being a real person and it has been handled so tenderly that Adrian feels more human, more real and less “broken machine”. Excellent job USA, I can’t wait for next season.

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  1. Actually, USA is splitting up season three…so that was only the summer season finale. We should get the other nine or so episodes sometime in early 2005.

  2. We have loved this show every since the beginning…we are big fans of “The Monk.” hehehehe

  3. Well, if you have a son or daughter who is ‘on the spectrum’ then at least *one* of you has to be on the spec as well. And it’s nearly always the guy! That’s why AS is never just about your kids–but it’s good to see that you can still laugh at Monk. (I didn’t learn to speak until I was 3 1/5). My point is that AS changes your marriage because you have to see yourself through different lenses. Keep on keeping on–and Doug, your not the only guy to polish everything off except the scotch! (Actually, what sort of scotch are we discussing here?) As long as you do it reasonably slowly….

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