We took the whole crowd to Tommy’s psychiatrist appointment (“Let’s lower his Prozac, he seems a bit too animated.”) and then to Sarah’s Open House at the middle school. While we were gone Molly decided to eat the earpiece off Sarah’s glasses. I told my mother about Noah’s appointment with the hematologist and she casually said “Oh they diagnosed me with something because I bruise so easily. I wonder what that was?” Gee, thanks for keeping me informed Mother. Tomorrow is our anniversary but we can’t afford to celebrate and I don’t have a gift for the most loving and wonderful husband ever to walk the earth. I wonder if we have any alcohol (other than scotch, gag) in the house that Doug hasn’t finished off. . .

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  1. The best gift you can give him is the appreciation for who he is and what he means to you. I was very moved by the last post I read (Happy Anniversary). Celebrate the good things in your life and never lose sight of the positive!

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