As promised, I tried using the random blog button for today’s Monday Walkabout. Don’t try this at home children. It is time consuming and slightly boring. The random button makes it feel like Singapore residents own most of the blogosphere. I am turned off by pop-ups demanding downloads, cutesy background music, anime and bloggers who talk in IM speak. The random blog button is like digging through a garbage dump. You know that people have put things of value in the dump, but you have to sift through a ton of useless, stinky gunk to find the good stuff. I hate yard sales, so I should have known this wouldn’t be for me. I did find
My Random Musings after clicking for an hour. Sit back and read and enjoy. After another pointless hour I gave up and decided to add
Marc’s Blog for my second addition because he found me first and we have square peg children in a round peg world. My third new blog is,
Sanity Adrift because Doug keeps talking about how much he enjoys it. My fourth addition is,
Austin Country Limits, which you have to see for the stunning photography. The last one today is
H.G. Wells who is less delusional than Hulk’s Blog but equally fun. Now I think I’ll try removing that horrible random blog button. If you’re lurking about and haven’t already done so, please make a comment so I can peek at your blog and add more to my daily “must-reads”.

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  1. ‘The random blog button is like digging through a garbage dump.’– that’s why I love it and that’s how I have found most of the blogs I follow.

    Also, I don’t mind people from any country starting blogs.

  2. Cathy,

    Thanks for the plug!

    I do plan on commenting on your school post when I get longer than a second of free time.

    Take care.

  3. I noticed that a while back – I think everyone in Singapore has a blog. Everyone! 🙂

    I hate the ones that consist entirely of entries like: “Math was boring. Brittany came over later.” Except each word is abbreviated.

  4. Never said I cared one bit who started a blog or where they are from. I did spend a lot of time clicking forward to get past the blogs written in other languages. Random blog hunting is an inefficient way to search for new blogs.

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