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How can there be so many mosquitos out front when we have three foot wide spiderwebs everywhere?

For Amy’s first venture into art I bought her some crayons that looked like glue sticks. Huge mistake! These things had the consistency of oil pastels and nobody in their right mind gives a 2-year-old oil pastels. For Amy’s second art media I purchased some of the Crayola markers that only color on special paper. I know another blogger feels these rob children of their artistic creativity but these things are PERFECT for toddlers. I’ve found capless markers on every piece of furniture and she has tried decorating herself but, ta-daa, no mess!

It is well past noon and without any caffeine in my system I have the personality of a Pit Bull (go ahead and gripe Pit Bull lovers, I still don’t ever want one of those dogs). So, if someone wants some company in bed tonight, there need to be candles lit, he needs to step away from the computer before 11:30 pm and foreplay had better be more than “I’m not too tired if you’re not”.

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  1. I think it’s because mosquitos are Satan’s minions – demons in disguises. I’m with you on the markers – I wish they would had them when my kids were little – can’t tell you how often I’ve found capless markers laying around.

  2. We don’t need mosquitos for population control. Trailer parks already take care of that (see what happens when I don’t have caffeine).

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