Call DCS on me – I told Tommy that if I had talked to my parents the way he talks to me they would have slapped my face. He told me he would report me for child abuse if I “put a finger on him”. I’m thinking I should slap him the next time he screams “you can’t make me” or grins and disobeys me and let DCS take him away. I don’t think they’d hold him for more than 48 hours before they figured out his mouth is punishable. I could certainly use a break from his attitude. Go ahead and report me for even joking about this. I’m a baaaaad Mommy. Did I mention that his school has sent him home twice this week because they are tired of his attitude and his ugly mouth?

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  1. Hmmmm, I don’t know what the laws are in your state but here in Canada the Supreme Court has decided that corporal punishment is NOT child abuse as long as it is minimal, disciplinary and there is no closed fist or foreign object used. THAT put a dent in Jamie saying he was going to call the childrens aide. I also pointed out that living in a group home or juvie is no fun and besides that if he was going to get me taken away for child abuse, he had best call an ambulance along with the Childrens Aide because I was going to make it worth my while and it would take BOTH a loooooong time to get to our house. Amazing how self-preservation kicks in when they know you are REALLY pissed.

  2. Oh boy do I ever! Hell I STILL don’t back to my parents, do my best not swear in front of them etc. I had and I suppose still have a good healthy fear of them. lol Havin a foul mouth around MY mom was a dangerous hobby to have. If I had threatened them with the Childrens Aide they would laughed in my face lol.

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