Bad behavior – Yesterday an elderly woman somewhere in Knoxville looked out front and saw the trash collectors emptying her can into their truck. She ran out front to check on them, didn’t see her broom and began screaming at them. Not just screaming, but screaming a specific racial slur. The men ignored her and continued with their work. Elderly woman ran in the house and alerted her husband about the broom theft. This must have been elderly woman’s primary mode of transportation because she and elderly husband hopped in their car and drove down the street to scream more of the racial slur at the trash collectors. The men were now understandably upset so they proceeded to have their truck do its’ compact the trash maneuver. They then shouted to the elderly couple “I guess we crushed your broom” and drove off while elderly couple stood in the street with their mouths hanging open.
Elderly couple regained their composure enough to call and chew out several people at the trash collection offices. Then they filed a complaint with the mayor. The mayor’s office called to report the complaint and were told that the broom would be replaced.
This morning elderly woman called the mayor’s office to report that she had found her broom. The mayor’s office called the trash collection offices to report that the complaint had been withdrawn. No apologies were given to any of the victims of verbal abuse. This sad story is completely true. Screaming about injustice is easy. How about apologizing for mistakes and praising for good deeds?

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  1. I just knew where this story was going. I see stuff like this happen all the time and nobody will apologize even though it was their own mistake.

  2. I made cookies one year for my trash collectors and put them on top of the trash on collection day w/ a christmas card and they got them and must have been so surprised they didn’t empty the trash.

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