I would like to do a lot of throwing away and freecycling this weekend but Doug gets very upset when I even try to discuss his stuff. I’m going to get into trouble for writing this blog entry so it may disappear quickly. This was a picture of his office area almost a year ago and it looks very much the same. Tim, that isn’t a window blocked by the dead monitors on the back wall not seen in this picture, it’s a double-sliding glass door that is completely blocked by stuff like dead monitors. The only difference in the garage is that it’s big piles of stuff instead of just papers. Doug hasn’t had any free time to sort through the stuff for more than three years and he’s busier now than ever. He never gets a good night’s sleep and he tortures himself over the way things like cleaning his office and the garage fall so low on the priority scale that they never get done. He needs to pass the job to me and trust that whatever I get rid of isn’t needed or can be replaced. I really believe he’d be calmer and happier if I got the downstairs organized. If he won’t let me attack the downstairs I’m going to switch Noah and the girls’ bedrooms (it involves painting) myself this weekend.

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