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  1. I love that thought! I’m going to start answering negative food comments with “It’s only bad if I choke on it”. Thanks!

  2. Men’s Health once had an article on good eatting. They summed it up quite nicely by saying “Basically if your plate is attractive then you are eatting a healthy meal.” That means, if your plate has some brown and some reds and some greens and yellows etc on it then you are probably getting a decent balance of the nutrients you need.

  3. Oh it isn’t jsut the no-carbers!

    I think anyone on a diet can be a pain, had a friend on one and would say little things like… oh that’s too many points to eat… And then you get those, “That’s not good for you”

    I wonder who really knows what is good for “you” no group can make up their mind wha tis good and what is bad, one year eggs are bad for you the next good then the next they could be harmful! The only way I see food being bad is if you choke on it.

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