I actually got out of the house for something fun today! I took Sarah and her best friend who are like identical twins in every way as well as Tommy and Sarah’s friend’s brother to the movies. The two boys are opposite sides of the same coin so Doug and I agreed that an adult needed to supervise and I got to be the adult! Inspired by Kristyk, we went to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” which I still think is a terrible movie title. I want to be careful what I say about the movie since I’m hoping Doug and Noah will go see it soon. The movie is sort of a cross between Metropolis (if you haven’t seen it, go see it) and Star Wars (minus the Freudian undertones) set in the 40’s. I don’t know if the children appreciated the atmospheric sepia colorization but I liked it and all four children (don’t tell Sarah or Tommy I called them children, they prefer ‘preteen and teen’) gave the movie two thumbs up. I enjoyed it much more than the last movie I watched with Jude Law. It was the perfect movie to watch on “National Comic Book Day”.

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  1. I loved Sky Captain and want to see it again (on the big screen)

    I call it a “popcorn movie”. Like the old saturday matinees from say the forties or fifties, just a fun time. Nothing too deep here (and I loved the chemistry between the two leads, they seemed to enjoy teasing each other)

    My kids loved it because it had giant robots.

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