I kept Tommy home today in the hopes that a calm, stress-free day will help him pull himself together. He is so angry, unhappy and difficult right now. I don’t dare ask him to do anything for fear of another screaming, crying meltdown (his and mine).

I added some new links to my blogroll. There are so many good blogs out there that the blog naysayers just can’t accurately know the future of the blogosphere. Blogs are therapeutic. They bring people together, help them to cope and remind us all of how very similar people all over the globe truly are. Yes, there are angry, disillusioned bloggers, but those of us who are telling our stories and sharing in others’ stories are basically happy, struggling human beings who are just reaching out and embracing each other in a way that we never knew existed before we found blogs. Don’t give up, keep blogging. Every word means something to someone.

FYI – The blogger spell-check feature doesn’t recognize the word ‘blog’. Funny!

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  1. I hope you both have a good day today!

    People in the media only see the blogs that affect their commercial spheres of influence – they have no real idea of the enormous breadth of connections between ordinary people that blogging has brought about.

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