A weekend story – This story actually belongs to the guy who dated and eventually married one of my old roommates. One weekend morning he woke up and found out he had lost something. Apparently even a tough fraternity boy needs his parents when he has lost something because that’s who he called first. His father rushed to the scene to find the missing items while his mother made what had to be incredibly difficult phone calls. After calling his parents, frat boy woke up his frat brothers (of course) to try and find out what happened. They were less than supportive but tried to help. Then, girlfriend (my roommate) was called. As girlfriend later explained, frat boy woke up to the site of blood everywhere and very quickly realized his two front teeth were missing. Hungover and confused he made phone calls and tried to get the other semi-conscious guys to explain the missing teeth. His father deduced by the blood splatters that frat boy hit his bed while very drunk and/or passing out. The teeth were most likely swallowed but frat boy was a bit too traumatized to pursue this theory to it’s inevitable conclusion. Frat boy’s mother had to call and explain this story to the family doctor and dentist who in all likelihood she had known her entire life and attended her church (this was a very small town). I know that this isn’t the worst kind of phone call a parent can receive, but it isn’t exactly a shining memory either. Let’s hope we never get such a phone call from our own children.

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  1. 😆 I’m sorry, I know it’s not funny, but it is.

    My friend, who’s dead now, had 1 crown in the front. One night his wife told me that he’d had too much to drink and was doing the “commode hugging blues” and his tooth fell out. Went into the toilet. His wife said she woke up, heard swearing in the bathroom, and when she looked in he had his arm in the toilet up to his shoulder trying to fish it out. 😆

  2. His doctor told him to watch for the teeth but he refused. I guess that digestive acids would destroy what didn’t pass through naturally.

  3. I swallowed a tooth as a child while eating pizza. My mother explained how we could get it, and I toyed with the idea until the first trip to the bathroom and decided that the tooth fairy could take my word for it.

  4. It is very funny when it’s someone else. This guy was hysterical and covered in blood but his frat brothers just stared and laughed. Everyone laughs when they hear the story except his girlfriend and parents. 🙂

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