Family updates – Doug is still working the Oak Ridge contract but seems calmer since he cleaned the garage and driveway. Cleaning his office should do wonders for his state of mind. I watched some Home Makeover show this weekend and thought about how much easier our life would be if we didn’t live in this unfinished disaster area. Tommy is surly and miserably unhappy. His GameBoy is missing and I fear it was stolen at school (he takes it for distraction on the bus ride). The school has stopped mainstreaming him except for lunch. Sometimes I just want to let him stay home where he feels safe and content but then I know that if we don’t mess with his comfort zone, he’ll never grow. Sarah made straight A’s even with her zillions of social activities. Next week she and I are taking the class at Lilly’s Bead Box that she’s been begging to take. Noah plays PS2 too much but is a happy guy. Friday is his first soccer game of the season. Amy is going to get put on the dog’s leash at the soccer game if she acts like she has been acting at practice. Mommy does not like the ‘chase me’ game. I am seriously annoyed by the renters next door. I want them to move. I appreciate differences, but these people make me uncomfortable and generally creep me out. The cars coming and going at all hours, the accidental wrecks, the backyard trash pile, the excessive speeding in our cove, etc. I’m putting a sign in the front yard where our property touches theirs that says ‘Slow Down’. Someone around the corner put a slow down sign in their yard and gave me the evil idea. I blame my mood on the MOUNTAIN of laundry waiting for the dryer to be fixed.
Update: Tommy brought home the technology that the school is letting him use on a trial basis. He has to prove that he really needs it by being more productive.

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  1. I have been a renter and I NEVER did the stuff these people do. I think they live off of lawsuits and crime. They have a child who was never allowed out of the house until last year. She speaks jibberish and they won’t let the schools provide speech services because they don’t want her labelled. They moved into the house with NOTHING but the shirts on their backs and rent everything so they can take off quickly and easily. I can go on and on.

  2. I hope Tommy can be more productive with the “technology”. My older son could use one of those but I’m not sure if they sell them here in Australia. Not likely to be provided one by the schools, at least until he gets to high school (8th grade).

  3. They act like a crack house. None of them have jobs but they come and go all the time. They keep getting rear-ended and injured (i can smell the lawsuit). They wouldn’t pay for trash service and the stuff is just piled in their backyard like a mountain. They are rude and inconsiderate.

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