Since the weekend is here, maybe I should just tell stories again. I have a short one from a few days ago. Now that Molly is 5 months old she is acting like a 3 year old and getting herself into strange predicaments. I was in my parents back yard watching Amy play with her cousins and Molly was tied on the long lead which should have given her 50 feet of running space. Molly somehow managed to get the lead wrapped around her toes and started screaming the most human, heart-breaking scream. I finally calmed her enough to untangle the toes and she didn’t seem injured but I decided the leash would keep her closer to me and out of trouble. Molly lulled me into a false sense of confidence by putting her head on my feet and closing her eyes. I leaned back in the patio glider chair and thought about closing my own eyes. Without warning, Molly stood up and in one sudden move, ran behind the chair, causing my then fully outstretched arm to spin until it looked like my arm was growing out of my ear and looking for my back. At that moment I knew what was going to happen but couldn’t stop the inevitable pratfall. Without pausing, Molly continued lunging forward, which meant that I lunged backward as the chair flipped backwards and dumped me out onto the ground. At this point Molly decided to wait for me to catch up and the leash slacked enough that I could pull myself up off the ground. With only a bruised elbow and battered dignity I decided it was time to go home. “It’s always something.” Gilda Radner

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  1. It was very funny to watch happen. I couldn’t move or say anything quick enough to stop or help the matter. But I was glad to see you weren’t hurt.

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