At my brother’s request, my theories about Lost. First, the wheelchair guy is easy to explain. He lived a sad life of fantasy until the plane crash. Although there is still something wrong with one or both of his legs that put him in a wheelchair ages ago, his desire to live and even greater desire to be someone who is respected have pushed him to endure great pain and walk. Notice that he spends a LOT of time sitting and recovering after his physical exertions. He didn’t kill the boar, the giant creature that ate the pilot killed it. The man or men in suits are the scientists who caused the plane crash. They have genetically or otherwise made a lot of strange things happen on an island that was already very unusual, think a cross between Dr. Moreau and Captain Nemo. Either their first experimental group died and left behind an SOS message OR the message is from the future, when the only survivor is screaming, useless girl who speaks some French. The characters without names don’t stand a chance of survival. Many of the characters are only there for plot development, like the drug-addicted hobbit and the young boy’s father. What are YOUR theories?

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  1. Anyone read the Riverworld series? Maybe the man in the suit is the “builder” of the island, and his soul collector picked up the soul of those who died on that flight and resurrected them on this island so he could get some fresh DNA to play with. The invisible thing that crashes around the woods chewing things up is a DNA collecting machine. It killed the pilot, but was really just taking a sample. It killed the boar, and since it only takes one sample at a time, it left looney alive to drag the boar back to camp.

    And shortly, Mr. Rourke will be out to take them to their abodes. The short guy is pissed ’cause he didn’t get to yell about da plane (first use of ebonics in a TV series?!?)

    Or maybe its something else.

  2. Hmmm seems like Doug doesn’t like Lost very much. You’ve inspired me to post my own theories on my blog but I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

  3. I don’t like the dead or purgatory theories. I like the island is alive one. Things happen on cue but that just makes me think of someone at a control panel messing with the survivors. There’s no way that guy killed a boar and came back in one piece. The thing killed it. Too bad they didn’t drain it. It’s gonna be gamey.

  4. I love this show! I’m intrigued more by the people than I am about the story behind all the weird stuff happening on the island. There are so many possibilities for theories on the subject — my brother and I talked about it for an hour! The twilight zone theory is great because the kid and comic book match to a T… but I don’t see J.J. Abrams playing that card… he’s more of a the stories of people and their character, type of producer.
    Jack I am eager to find out more… they’ve yet given him ‘life before the plane crash’ memory for us to see. And the dude who shot the sheriff guy — he is trouble!

  5. I think at some point the Professor will step out and ask if anyone has seen Gilligan then Mr. Howell will pull up in a coconut juice powered bamboo golf cart muttering “Oh Oh that thing has my lovie!” then under his breath “Oh Magoo!” The skipper will rush out and declare he has a plan upon which a native will declare the sky gods sent all these people here to kill the vicious boars and a great feast would be had by all except for the show’s suited financial backers that annoyingly keep stepping onto the set at inopportune times to “see how things are going” and “remember that product placement!”

  6. I think Matt nailed it. This is the beta version of Fantasy Island before they got all the gliches worked out. I bet when the plane burns down to dust they’ll find Tattoo’s twin brother’s, Piercing, skelton under the plane. That would certainly explain the little guys fasination for airplanes and why he always comes out in panic mode announcing aircraft.

  7. I think the suit guy is the doctor’s dad.

    I also buy into the forbidden planet/twilight zone the movie theory. The kid sees a polar bear in a comic, then they see one on the island… The man says he’ll look for the dog when it quits raining, the boy turns his head and it quits raining. The boy’s got psychic powers!!!

  8. Or the island is alive theory… I read a book (sci-fi) where a planet is waging war on a group of humans living in a city while the humans living wild in the forest go unattacked. It turns out that the planet is a “group-think” psychic entity that reacts to the human emotions. Those at peace are left alone, but those with strong emotions are attacked. So far, the things we’ve seen could all be due to strong emotions manifesting physically.

    Or, they’re all in purgatory. When they die here, they either go to heaven or Alabama.

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