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  1. 1) Will make and buy this year.
    2) Purses, clothes, decorate home items, ornaments, etc.,
    3) We are drawing names on my families side since money is tight for my sister, me, and my brother. We thought it a good way to still give gifts but not put anyone further in the hole.
    4)Open one present Christmas eve and then the rest Christmas day.
    5) Started shopping.
    6) Artifical. Would like to have the true tree smell though.

    Answer to Barry’s question: We go to the Christmas Eve service.

  2. 1) Buy
    2) We do make Christmas cookies together each year
    3) Haven’t heard anything about a particular “hot” toy – probably more of the same: Game Boy games, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Power Rangers, My Little Ponies…
    4) We don’t have enough extended family to draw names
    5) We try to continue a tradition my family did and open one present each on Christmas Eve, but the rest are on Christmas morning.
    6) *pppppppppppppttttt* (spitting out drink) Hahahahahahah!! (wiping tears)
    7) We bought real ones for a while but now we have an artificial. No, it’s not personal. 😉

    Here’s a question – do you (and others) attend a particular religious service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

  3. 1. Buy and make
    2. I make my own pics of the twins
    3. Not sure, but I bet the girls will be more interested in the box rather than the toy
    4. No, too far away from any family
    5. Usually Christmas Eve so we can sleep in, however, this year may be different because we’ll have 8 month old twin girls
    6. No, but it will be done 100% online! I love technology
    7. Real, baby

  4. 1. Buy for some – make for others – last year I made “corner kids”.
    2. Don’t know what this years ill be yet
    3. Beats me – mine are too old for toy toys but we are buying a LeapPad for BT’s 4 year old nephew.
    4. We used to do the Secret Santa thing with aunt, cousins etc but they all have families of their own now so we don’t get together any more on Christmas.
    5. Always always always on Christmas Day and we do it in stages lol. My parents gifts for everyone, my brothers and I’s gifts for everyone and finally my grandmothers gifts for everyone.
    6. Hahahahahahahaha – you gotta be kidding – I’ve decided what I’m getting for everyone but I haven’t started doing the actual shopping yet.
    7. Artificial – the cats EAT the tree if its real lol.
    8. Don’t go for any service – I celebrate my faith in my own way and try to stay away from organized religion as much as possible. just the way I am, hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  5. Funny you should post your Xmas questions… I just got back from Michaels’ and have my first batch of crafty sort of gifty stuff to start with the kids. I make most of the gifts since we have a small immediate family that we exchange with. My husband’s family is huge and spread about the US and abroad, so we exchange letters and a small handmade gift for the house.

    Xmas shopping, now that’s an entirely different story… my husband does that – one of the many reasons I adore the man ;o)

  6. I buy, as I’m not crafty enough to make anything worthwhile.

    No clue about the “hot toy.”

    No, we don’t draw names. It’s just me and my parents, and we have a small extended family as well. Everyone gets a little something.

    We open all of our family-to-family gifts on Christmas Eve, but all the really good stuff shows up under the tree on Christmas morning after Santa comes.

    Yes, I’ve started shopping for my friends already, but not for the family.

    I prefer a real tree, and we always had one when I was growing up. When I moved off to college, my parents switched to artificial because it’s less work. I’ll probably buy an artificial tree myself this year for the same reason.

    Christmas is my *favorite* time of the year! 🙂

  7. I go to the mall and when it closes then Walmart. There is a lot of prayer in both places. “I pray they have that present I’m missing!”

  8. mostly buy
    make cards and calendars
    hot toy? no idea
    secret santa no – but maybe this year
    christmas day
    started looking and thinking – got ideas for most gifts
    artificial tree – used to go and chop a real one but cant be bothered cleaning up the pine needles

  9. Oh yeah, and we generally don’t attend any special services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, although I’ve been to the Christmas Eve service once or twice. I tend to go to the services preceding Christmas Eve, like the Advent services, Hanging of the Greens, Lessons and Carols, etc.

    I don’t know universal those services are, or if they’re just in the “Catholic” tradition (i.e., Catholics, Episcopalians, and Methodists).

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