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  1. Come out, explain that the yard isn’t a toilet and told them no more trampoline play. That is after I picked my laughing self up off the floor!

    (sigh) boys.

  2. Hopefully in the dark?

    I’d hate to look out my back porch one afternoon and see my neighbor whizzin’…

    Now, if his wife wants to go around topless that’s another story.

  3. I’m with Rachael Ann here – *sigh* boys. They ALL discover the joy of the great outdoors at an early age and I don’t think they ever get over it. ( that whole writing your name in the snow syndrome) lol

  4. On poker nights, we conserve the host’s water by “utilizing” the area behind his trash can. I say good for the kids, showing eco-awareness and exercising conservation of resources.

    Okay, maybe we just don’t want to walk thru the house to the bathroom.

  5. So the guys think it’s ok to pee anywhere and the women think it’s gross. This sounds just like the ‘do you pee in shower’ debate.

  6. Them fandangled rich people pays lots of money for concrete ponds with little nachid peeples peeing and their concrete weenies can’t even rake a yard. We’ve got it made!

  7. well, it’s a step up from the litter box . . .

    hell, I still pee in my backyard. It’s like a serious genetic guy thing. I’m so proud to have my very own yard to pee in. I’m being serious, it’s cool to be a landowner and have a place that I can wander out into late at night and just let ‘er fly…

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