On Friday Noah’s soccer team got stomped. Sarah had a lock-in at the YMCA and we were supposed to pick her up at 7 on Saturday morning but we overslept and Sarah had to call us at 7:30. “Umm, is anyone gonna pick me up?” Major parental guilt. Saturday’s scout meeting was supposed to be handled by the sorority girls. One sorority girl showed up and only had activities for one hour so we spent the second hour playing games that the 7th graders found “boring“. The girls fall sales orders were due but two of them begged for an extra day. I agreed but insisted that they get the forms to my mailbox by Sunday night. It’s Monday and no forms, so I get to run around town picking them up now. Saturday afternoon I really wanted to take Molly to Knoxville’s new dog park but Sarah and her friend had to go to the mall and I wasn’t willing to drop them off and leave them there for several hours so Sarah wandered Claire’s, Limited Too and such while Doug and I let Amy and Noah wander around in the Disney Store. Amy refused every costume we tried on her. Saturday night Noah came down with some sort of stomach virus and did serious damage to my Mother’s house. Sunday was dog school and then off to pick up the children from my parents’ house. Sunday evening we melted wax all over Doug’s cake (this is his last year with the correct number of candles) and Amy made fingerprints in the icing. Today Tommy acted up and had to be picked up from school at noon. Noah stayed home sick today and I feel sick just looking at my ‘to-do’ list for the week. How was YOUR weekend?

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