Ongoing LOST discussion – As much as I hate the “purgatory” storyline idea, the people on the island all seem to have some unfinished business. Has the mysterious monster been around since Locke came face to face with it? I believe Locke whacked Sayid with the board. Locke has found a place where he is useful and he has no desire to be rescued. Doug thinks Locke either died or became possessed by the monster. I have said since the beginning that Locke would form one tribe and Jack would form another. Whatever became of the woman who insisted her husband is still alive? The rumor from the very beginning was that someone on the beach was not actually on the plane. Who?

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  1. Sawyer is the only one pack-ratting supplies so that could be true. I just thought the person who wasn’t on the plane would turn out to be in some sort of control of the island.

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