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  1. Has she read the judy blume books?
    They told me everything my mom was too afraid to tell me, I know you aren’t like that, so that is good. But at least they let you know how growing up is, so you don’t feel so lost and insane. Everytime I read ‘are you there god it’s me margaret’ I thought I would have my period by the end of the book, but it never worked.

  2. I had that book memorized too. My mother never talked about ANYTHING. She’s read it and we’ve talked about everything. Remember, she was in the room when her sister was born.

  3. Lingerie shopping?? Katie gets embarassed about that stuff – I try to let her know that its not big a deal. My mother never talked about anything either and I’ve tried to make sure that the kids know the stuff I didn’t know.

  4. Oh man! Can’t I keep my precious daughter frozen in time as a one-month old? Group dating? Tampons? Bras? Condoms? You’re all scaring the crap out of me!

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