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  1. I inspected the flue last night. All is well but it will need a professional cleaning sooner than later. No buildup. No chimney firehazards.

  2. Oh…you Southerners! So adorable with your propensity for warm weather. 33 degrees? Hah! Up here in the wild North, we laugh at 33 degrees! That’s short pants weather up here, my friend. 33 degres? Let’s set up the barbecue and cook up some burgers! Hah! 33 degrees.

    Actually, it’s supposed to be 23 degrees up here tonight. No frozen tundra but the heat will definitely be cranking!

  3. We’ve got three bedrooms and a fold out couch and Mickey is out of town, come on over!! I’m not family so I won’t even bother you.

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