While making the carpool rounds this morning, Doug learned that the father of three young girls down the street, was “picked up by INS” yesterday to be deported. How does that work exactly? Do they call and say pack your bags? Do people get to take anything with them? Can they bring money? Do they go straight to the airport or get locked up someplace? What happens when they get off the plane? They have no home or job so where do they go? What happens to the family he left behind? Does he have any chance to ever come back?

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  1. His children are distraught. His wife must now support three children, her mother and her disabled uncle.

  2. How terrible for him and his children. Think about the illogic of the actions of the INS. Here is a man who bought, or rented his own property, and a federal agency has decided that he can no longer stay because he was not born here. The unfortunate reality is that none of us *truly* owns their property, we simply use it at the discretion of the government who can take it all away at their whim.

  3. You don’t know me… I found you by doing a region search and we live in the same are, so I just started reading. Hadn’t commented till now…

    My question would be…Why wasn’t the rest of the family taken? If his wife is American, he should then legally able to stay in the US. At least, it USED to work that way b/c sooo many people were getting married for the very reason. So weird…

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