Since I stopped the story-telling weekend early, I get to talk about the wonderful book that I have in my hands. It’s called “Scavenger Hike Adventures” and is full of clues to help find interesting pieces of history along the trails in the Smoky Mountains. It is a very clever teaching tool disguised as a game. I am extra excited because I won a copy of the book for every Girl Scout in my troop at a leader training yesterday. I can’t wait to take the girls to the mountains and have some fun! Oh, but wait. Before I won the prize I was so excited about this book that I bought one copy. I wonder if I should have some sort of Rocky Top Brigade contest for the book? Any ideas?

Update – Still waiting for a good contest idea. I really do think anyone who visits the Smokies would enjoy this book. Yes, the authors are going to do a similar book about the Rocky Mountains in 2 years.

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