A few years ago I was on my way to the hospital to give birth to baby number four. I had been having contractions the entire day and was quite uncomfortable. It was near midnight but Doug asked if we could stop at the gas station/store for some snacks. I gave him the eyeball. We didn’t stop and we are still very happily married.

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  1. ohh the “eyeball” scary
    i hate the eyeball

    do girls learn this in the toilets or something
    maybe thats why they always go in pairs – to practise the “eyeball”

    i know im going to get one now from judith…

  2. She was nice to me in that post. She failed to mention the paniced “let me grab just a couple more things” instead of taking her straight to the car.

    She also fails to mention that the hospital almost sent us home. Had they done that, we would have delivered in the living room!

  3. Women are born with ‘the eyeball’. Kicking men under the table is ineffective. “Hey! Whatcha do that for?” The eyeball is universally understood.

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