Tommy got sent home from school early AGAIN yesterday. Every time we have a meeting I tell the school Tommy loves watching the History Channel, cooking, science experiments, building and pretty much anything hands-on. Why does he still get a pile of worksheets assigned every day? Even though I know that Tommy’s doctor is looking for a long-term care facility, I am once again thinking about keeping him at home for a while. He’s not going to earn a high school diploma sitting in that CDC room all day anyway. He’ll get a “Special Ed Certificate” which just means he attended school. It’s all very frustrating.

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  1. I would keep him at home(if you could stand it) That school doesn’t have his best interests in mind and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. At least he would be more comfortable and happier in his own environment. Longterm care could always be your last resort if it didn’t work out. Good luck with your decision.

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