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  1. I really wish ham were the traditional Thanksgiving dish. Turkey is just so….I don’t know, bland. I mean, it’s ok but it’s nowhere near as flavorable as good salt-cured ham.

    I’ve never tried lobster – what’s it like?

  2. Turkey is delicious when cooked just right with stuffing and all the trimmings. Lobster is yucky – its fishy and nasty. Lobster would probably be a more traditional dish though as it was considered a poor mans food – fit only for the lower classes. Ohhhh how times change.

  3. We actaully did a small turkey in the crock pot this year. The office manager at work did hers that way for the staff luncheon and it was really good and moist. The meat just falls off the bone. Of course if you have a big turkey, you’ll need a big crock pot!

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