My father is working at a DUI checkpoint tonight. Let me be more specific. My 61-year-old father with high blood pressure and diabetes who is NOT a policeman is working at a DUI checkpoint tonight. You know, the kind of situation where physically fit and well-trained officers often get hurt by vehicles trying to get away from the scene. Is our police force really that short-handed?

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  1. Can you tailgate at a DUI checkpoint … grill up some burgers, throw back some brews and mock the guys you pull over.

  2. Good grief, does Dad have some kind of death wish? I wouldn’t do DUI checkpoints for anything = people are idiots when they are drinking.

  3. He was down at Cherry Street. the officers all wore flack (sp?) jackets. The civilians got orange reflective vests. They arrested more than a dozen DUIs and one possession with intenet to sell. How did that happen? Did the guy offer the cops drugs?

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