I had to run into AC Moore for rubber stamps this morning (those things are sooo expensive) before Girl Scouts. There was a woman in her 70s walking around with a sweater-clad chihuahua. I can’t walk by a dog without giving it a rub so, I petted the little thing and went on about my shopping. A few minutes later I watched a woman in her 50s have a small tantrum. “Let’s go. Are you listening to me? We’re never going to get anything done if you keep stopping like this. I’m just going to leave you here if you don’t come now. MOTHER! Why does that stupid animal have to go everywhere you go?” The older woman finally glanced and innocently said “I couldn’t hear you dear. Everyone wants to pet the dog.” Put aside the fact that the daughter wasn’t even showing her mother the patience that you would have for a small child despite the fact that she talked to her like one. This woman was jealous that her mother didn’t give her as much attention as she gave her dog. The mother could have left the dog at home. The daughter could have been happy that her elderly mother has a beloved companion. Instead they will both end up being miserably unhappy and anxious for their shopping trip to be finished. The next time you hear me telling my children to hurry, pinch my arm and remind me to enjoy the moment for what it is. Oh, and thank you Barry. You left a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow of a blog entry.

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  1. The sad thing is that woman would probably treat a child better! It is so very sad how the elderly are treated in our society. I got teary eyed just reading your story.

  2. You’d think she’d have enough foresight to know that bringing a sweater-clad dog Christmas shopping leads to loads of oogling.

    A cute dog must be oogled.


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