I can’t decorate the tree because it has no lights. I can’t start (yes, I am hopelessly behind) the Christmas shopping because the child support check isn’t here. This afternoon we have an appointment with Tommy’s therapist to hear what ‘place’ he recommends we send Tommy. This weekend my ex is in town for his bi-annual pretend you are a caring parent visit. I can’t find a new home for Noah’s old furniture so I can switch the kids’ rooms while they are at the hotel this weekend. I don’t have paint (the walls are pink) or any accessories to make the tiny room Noah is moving into with only a bed seem fun instead of like a demotion. Sigh. I’m going back to bed.

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  1. I had to put up the tree and all the lights myself. And i did all the christmas shopping. Is my husband spoiled?

  2. I have some paint you can have. it is green. A nice green. Much better for a boy than pink. He could maybe do an outdoorsy theme for his new cave. I have an unused gallon you can have. That should cover a small bedroom. If you want call Juliepatchouli. I am her sister-in law, or email and i can bring it to you. I live in the big town of Maryville.

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