The tree is finally lit! Last night was very relaxing and hopefully it gave Doug the energy boost to finish painting Noah’s room so we can move Noah’s stuff out of the kitchen and living room. I am close to be finished with gift shopping but the cupboards are bare so I’m heading out to buy food for the next few days while Doug paints. Life is good!

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  1. So are we to assume that with the tree up the….embargo is over, and trade is once again flowing back and forth, Cathy? 😉

    Doug, just lookin’ out for you, man 🙂

  2. Yeah!! I’m so excited for you! Let the christmas miracles begin!! (You still need some of my ativan girly).

    p.s. on the flight back from jamaica mickey was one of the random folks picked for a search. I had to wait 45 minutes on him and I wouldn’t say he walked funny, but he was acting a little strange for a while. He will never speak of what happened. ACtually they just made him take off his shoes and socks.

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