I finished wrapping and stretched out on the couch at 3 am. That was when Doug started assembling Amy’s play kitchen. At 5 am I heard him testing all the sound effects and for the next hour and a half he raced around the house getting things set-up. Noah was up first, then Sarah, then Tommy and finally Amy. Amy made a beeline for the play kitchen and although she played with her other toys, she would have been happy with just the kitchen. Noah was most interested in his new Yu-Gi-Oh card sleeves (cost about $2 a pack). Sarah literally squealed with delight over her new cell phone and carried it around for 5 hours before moving on to her art supplies. Tommy had never even heard of a Nintendo DS but he hasn’t put it down since he opened it. Doug got a new digital camera for us to use and I am eager to see the pictures online. However, he also bought a new hard drive to put in my computer so I expect to have my machine disassembled for several days while he works on it and upgrades my old system. In the meantime I’ll play with the microwave my parents gave us. Christmas has been wonderful for everyone! Now I have to find a place for all the new treasures.

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