For New Year’s Eve we are having half a dozen eight preteen and teenaged Girl Scouts over for a sleepover. Except for making marshmallow guns, I don’t know what we are going to do to stay busy. The girls’ maturity varies from that of a 16-y-o to a 6-y-o in the blink of an eye. I thought we’d shake up cans of soda at midnight and see how far the foam explodes. Doug is already begging to hide out at my parents’ house with my other children.

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  1. For good messy fun, put a poker chip(or something of a similar size) in pie plates. Fill the pie plates with jello. When they are set, the girls get to have a race eating their way down to the chip with no hands. It went down well at Katie’s last party. Really really messy though.

  2. it’s so sad and scary to have such a thing happen so close to home! my parents planned to go over to pukhet but somehow something came up and they couldn’t go. close call eh?

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