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  1. 3 stitches. Cute little blue ones. The older sister was bothered by them and asked “why couldn’t they make them skin colored?”

    Lucy is 12 years old, achy, slow moving and really just doesn’t want to be disturbed. She had warned Amy off once probably 15 minutes earlier and that should have been a warning sign to keep a closer eye on the two of them.

    Amy told me that she tried to hug Lucy but told her mother and grandmother that she poked Lucy in the eye.

  2. OMG! Poor little girl! I’m a real animal lover (we have 2 dogs) but you have to put your kids first. Good for you for making sure Lucy has her own space from now on.

  3. Ouch…I hope she’s ok. We just got a puppy, and my 19 month old daughter thinks the same thing. We don’t have a basement to banish him so if he does something like that, it’s off to the pound.

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