Cathy – “Can we get a Sunday paper tomorrow?”
Doug – “Anything, anytime, anywhere for you sweetie.”
Cathy – “Thank you.”
Cathy – “If you go out today would you get a paper for me please?”
Doug – “I’ll go get it in a minute.”
Cathy – “Thanks.”
several hours later
Cathy – “My parents invited us to join them for a late lunch. Can we pick up a paper on the way home.”
Doug – “No problem.”
leaving CiCi’s parking lot
Cathy – “Let’s stop for a paper.”
Doug – “OK.”
approaching corner gas station and store
Cathy – “Can we stop here?” said while arm is fully extended across Doug’s face and pointing at station
Doug – silence
several hours later
Cathy – “If you go out this evening I would like a paper please.”
Doug – “#!*^, why didn’t you remind me before now?”
Cathy – silence
Monday morning
Cathy – “Please see if the corner station has any papers left on your way home from the bus stop.”
Doug – “#!*^, fine. This is gonna be a lousy day.”
a few minutes later
Doug – “I have some e-mail to send out, then I’ll go get your paper.”
an hour later
Doug – “I’m late for work, I’ve gotta go.”
Cathy – “Bye.”

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  1. Alright, the subtext of the story is that my contract ends this Friday 1/28. I’ve got 2-4 weeks of work that needs to be packed into a weeks (now 3 days) time. In addition I have other projects that need to see progress. On Sunday I was trying hard to make significant progress on one project so that I could have time to put a dent into another project. I’m stressed to the max. When you are stressed short term memory doesn’t work as well.

    As for the car ride home we were all in the Jeep (bad muffler) and I never heard Cathy. It was once we got home that she said, “when we passed the Bread Basket did you not hear me ask for a paper?”

    This is all about stress.

  2. so, is it safe to assume that you did not get a paper. You didn’t try hard enough (julie ducking to avoid getting hit by something)… 🙂

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