The Knox County school employees are begging the school administration to close schools because of all the sickness. No decisions yet from the head honchos. I think closing schools is pointless because the teens without symptoms will be all over the mall spreading their dormant germs. The solution is a 48 hour shut-down of the whole town. Close all the businesses, restaurants, everything. Let everyone stay home for 48 hours and if they are symptom free after 48 hours they can venture out.

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  1. A few days won’t do anything to the economy. People will spend like crazy after the quarantine.

    Barry take a deep breath. I’m just referring to the fact that people can be symptomless for 24-48 hours before they realize they are sick. Just keeping children home won’t stop this. Parents and everyone else have to stay home too.

  2. I’m sorry, did someone pass a law that removed parents authority to keep their teens home? Are parents of teens powerless to actually tell their teens they need to stay home and not go out where they could get infected?

    My kids aren’t teens yet, but I hope that when they are I’ll still have enough of their respect that they’ll understand when I want to keep them safe, and that we’ll still have enough in common that we can interact together and enjoy each others’ company….

  3. I’ve reported your comments to Walgreens and CVS. Expect a visit by the black suits with black sunglasses and black hearts.

  4. It did sound that way. Sorry. I’m sure that if parents got the day off this could be effective but sick parents at work and teens left home to entertain themselves just seem like a bad quarantine methodology.

  5. It sounded like a “*shrug*, eh, teens – what can you do?” kind of thing. I get concerned when I think of parents unable to control the whereabouts of their teens – especially when health concerns are involved.

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