I don’t even want to know how they do it, but why do all the men (and boys) in our family leave their socks and undies inside their jeans/pants? The clothing masses are then left beside the bed or shoved under it. What’s the rush?!? All the females take the time to undress one item at a time and even the 2-year-old tries to put the dirty laundry where it belongs. Why won’t the guys?

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  1. But why would be put our dirty clothes away with our clean clothes? See…it’s not degrees of clean….

    Fully clean
    Dirty but can be worn again
    Needs to be washed.

    It’s just the circle of life…

  2. For the same reason a man can hit a deer at 500 yards or catch a fish 150 yards away, but can’t manage to hit that hamper.

    Maybe I should just put antlers on it.

  3. i like to think i am saving my wife more washing and myself replacing clothes more often cos they are worn out from washing too often
    the simple sniff test lets you know whether or not it needs to be washed again. if the first sniff is inconclusive then its probably ok anyway
    and as above – why put the once or twice (or more) worn ones back in with the clean ones – then you wouldnt know which ones were which…

  4. I suppose we wouldn’t be considered real men if we weren’t pigs. I get yacked at by my wife for wearing the same shirt all of the time. I just don’t think about clothes much. Plus, I get stuck doing all of the laundry every time. Less clothes–less laundry. Heh, heh.

  5. It takes a special skill to slide out of the socks and leave them in the legs of the pants. The technique is this: you slide the jeans off just enough to gather at the feet. Next, you grab sock toe and jean hem pulling both at the same time. There is also the stomp method whereby you use one foot to scrunch down on the sock and jean hem while pulling leg out. This makes it that much easier to find the socks when dressing later and saving the time and effort of getting clean stuff from the dresser. You see, an article of clothing is not considered dirty until the stench makes the owner gag. This takes at least a couple of days. I have described some very simple techniques for making the male slob’s life easier. I should probably write a guide book. Unfortunately, I have now put my life at risk for revealing these ancient male traditions. I think they are Masonic or something…

  6. Surfing through on BE. I have a 2-year-old, too. He saw his grandma put his socks into his shoes, and the next day he did it! Alas, I know when he gets older he’ll leave them all over the house like dh does…

  7. They are probably just being thoughtful by letting the socks/underwear sticking in the jeans. Less items for you to carry individually to the hamper.

    As for shoving smelly, worn clothes under the bed–I bet that you don’t have a mouse problem, do you? That’s why! ;^)

  8. You do this to wear them again? That is really nasty boys. I’m sorry to disappoint, but once clothing hits the ground it becomes laundry that needs to be washed. If you want to wear them again, fold them and put them away.

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