School’s out but my two morning children (and Molly) were wide awake and ready to play at 6 a.m. this morning. Sarah dragged out of bed at 8 like a sane person. Tommy will sleep until lunch. Doug’s gone for his last day of the Oak Ridge contract. Except for a cough and a whine he seems fine. All the children are rowdy today but I am still transportationless so it’ll end up being a DVD marathon and cookie baking day. It’s not very easy to choose a movie that they all agree on watching. I’m sure Sky Captain will be on at some point. I still say that every other child out of school today will be roaming the town (and spreading germs) while their parents are sick at work. Tomorrow is supposed to be a Girl Scout meeting but ethically I think we should cancel. If I cancel I’ll end up driving all over town collecting their cookie order forms and as I already established, I have no car. I would think so much clearer if I could just have some caffeine.

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