I would hate to judge the terrier group. Every dog out there is a cutie. The Norfolk was just adorable.

I’m going to finish the show in bed and may not blog again until morning. The toy group is strutting their stuff right now. I usually take a break from the show during this group because I’m really not a tiny dog fan and the winner in this group is so frequently a poodle. I like the non-sporting group but it’s not much fun to watch when they almost always pick a poodle in that group also.

A snarky comment about clothing at Westminster. This is a very prestigious event and you should be dressed up but your outfit should not draw attention away from your dog. You should not blend in with your dog either. I am a huge fan of comfortable shoes, but I wouldn’t go on national television in an expensive suit or beautiful dress wearing ugly shoes. For all the money you’ve spent on your dog, allow a little to buy yourself some comfortable shoes that are still fashionable. Oh, please don’t wear a white slip under a lovely black dress with a slit up the back. Buy a black slip!

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  1. Hey now, nothing wrong w/ the toy group!! 🙂 And the pek won, as usual, but the Pom got second!! 🙂 I seem to have always had a toy dog, from a poodle to a pekapoo to a pom to another pom,, it’s my way of having a baby right now I guess. I have to have something to carry around and nurture.

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