Lost is on tonight so let’s get everyone bathed, fed and tucked into bed. Noah has a headache so he has gone on to bed. One down, three to go. Tommy’s fish tank is leaking and we need to clean up all this water. Noah just threw up all over his bed and floor. Noah’s cleaned up and the fish tank water is cleaned up but we will have to do more with the tank after the show. Amy just peed all over her high chair. Why was she eating dinner naked? Because she refused to get dressed after her bath. Amy is cleaned up and everyone is in bed for now. The show has started. Now Tommy is up and complaining like he wants to argue for an hour. Ignore it. Back to the show and wait for more chaos.

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  1. a) I hope you thought the show was worth it after all that!

    b) I really couldn’t follow the whole Sawyer plot line tonight…I guess I needed a nap!

  2. I think you can jump in. Big Orange Michael has reviewed each of the shows. Much has been written if you want to catch up and I’m certain that it will be replayed in a marathon setting sometime soon.

    Each episode has much character development but is written in such a way that you could jump in and have a good time.

  3. I thought it was an exceptional episode. I love how every flashback relates the characters more and more.

    Cathy says that the water is encroaching upon the camp. I missed that somehow. Is the island sinking? Are the powers trying to drive the survivors into the woods?

    I’m liking Locke’s character a lot right now.

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